Hi. Please tell me where I can download the current-rendered map (Ukraine)and also that you can install for map updates. For example if splashed in a location that be opened up the existing map, while sending a request to update this locationand also if available did render a new Tile

Thank you.

asked 02 Jul '13, 07:57

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For a whole country, generally you shouldn't seek to download the standard OpenStreetMap rendered map in tile format. Requesting so many tiles puts too much load on our servers, and is therefore discouraged or forbidden by our Tile Usage Policy.

Instead, you should download the raw (unrendered) data for your country. The best source for this is Geofabrik's extract service.

You can then use a renderer on your computer to take this data and make a lovely map out of it. The best-known renderer is Mapnik, for which TileMill provides a (fairly) understandable package and frontend.

You can keep your map up-to-date by downloading 'diff' files and applying them to it, but since these include all changes all over the world, your database will soon balloon way beyond the size of Ukraine. It's probably better just to download a new extract from Geofabrik every week.

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answered 02 Jul '13, 11:40

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The specifics my map is necessary that the actual map of certain areas scattered across the country. For this do not want to render maps of the whole country (large load on the server). Part on this and asked how can be configured when opening location my maps update + render if available (to display at next time), opening at this moment the old data.

(02 Jul '13, 12:26) Michael Mity...

Ok. whis Planet.osm/diffs I'll keep an updated database ? But rendering? my server dies, interminable rendering

(02 Jul '13, 14:46) Michael Mity...
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