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My last edits are visible in the OSM online editors ID and Polach, but doesn't appear in the OSM view mode.

EDIT1 : It doesn't seems to be...

  1. On my userpage 1, I noticed my last edits (16758129, 16757928) were marked "(en cours de modification)" (French for "currently under modification") while others have a date such "samedi 29 juin 2013 20:23". But when one of them turned to a date, nothing associated appeared on th view mode.
  2. I then suspected a tile bug since one of the houses I added have just one angle displayed2 This house is located on 2 tiles jointure, So it seems the right side tiles are not up to date. But actually, there are still a hand of houses disapearing from the view mode without reasons. (They are all building > family houses )

Any solution ?

EDIT 2: There are both a tile cache AND a zoom issue. Some tiles are not up to date. And some buildings > houses of similar sizes, for unknow reasons, doesn't show up at a given zoom.

asked 29 Jun '13, 22:57

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edited 30 Jun '13, 10:25

It can take a while (in rare cases, more than 24 hours) for the map to be updated after edits. Edits you make will immediately show up in the editor because the editor accesses the database directly, but the map tiles shown on are updated in a separate process.

The question "why do my edits not show up on the map" is the #1 most asked question on this help site, and in most cases it is just a matter of patience.

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answered 30 Jun '13, 00:24

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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In this specific case there were multiple changesets left in state "still editing" until they timed out, so there is probably something more than just "wait and see"/"flush your cache" that can be done in order to speed things up.

(30 Jun '13, 00:31) gnurk

There are both a tile cache AND a zoom issue. See EDIT 2 in the question.

(30 Jun '13, 10:26) wikipedia

Changesets in state "still editing" will not by themselves keep the server from re-rendering the tiles. Edits are published as soon as you upload, not after you close the changeset.

(02 Jul '13, 21:17) Frederik Ramm ♦

Both changesets are closed now, but your edit history sad "still editing" in English recently. A changeset can either be closed explicitly, or it closes itself if no edits are added to it for a period of inactivity (currently one hour).

There is no peer review of OSM data.

Tiles are not updated instantly, but seeing a partly rendered building is a good sign that it will be OK later on. You may have to flush your browser cache and reload the map to see the updates when they finally show up.

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answered 29 Jun '13, 23:42

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I closed both Polach and the associated Chromium tabs a while ago. (yes, about one hour ago!). So... my change are kept and will appear later on, is it this ?

(29 Jun '13, 23:45) wikipedia

I can only see that has been added in your edit history after changeset 16758129. If you have done any other additions and closed your browser they a probably gone.

Letting the changeset timeout after one hour is not the normal workflow, but a protection against browser crashes and similar. I rarely use the iD and Potlatch editors (I'm mostly a JOSM user), so it's not obvious to me what you likely are doing wrong.

(30 Jun '13, 00:05) gnurk

Letting the changeset timeout after one hour is the normal workflow for the vast majority of Potlatch users. This is not a problem at all. (Potlatch doesn't close a changeset when saving data. It only closes them when you press "C".)

Whether a changeset is closed or not, has absolutely no impact on the rendering of data or on any state of individual objects (nodes, ways, relations) in OSM.

(30 Jun '13, 12:41) cartinus

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