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I would like to know if there is any source which maintains the listing of applications using openstreetmaps.

I am co founder of, a real estate startup based in India.We are using OSM data for calculating commute times, but use google maps for display as OSM POI data is poor for India and google maps api requires usage of google maps.I was planning to get in touch with other guys using OSM data in India so we can collaborate and atleast fix OSM routing data.But I couldn't find any source listing apps using OSM data.Please let me know if there is any such directory.If not then it would be a great idea to build such a source.Using it we all can find other guys using OSM data in our region and maybe collaborate to improve the data for everyone's benifit.

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asked 29 Jun '13, 11:36

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A side note. We are OpenStreetmap. There's no such thing as openstreet maps, but OpenStreetMap maps.

(06 Jan '18, 11:34) RicoElectrico

Please, this question is 4 years old, don't resurface such things just because of nitpicking.

(09 Jan '18, 13:13) SimonPoole ♦

@SimonPoole: The question was resurfaced because I edited my answer to include another relevant wiki page that has been created since then. RicoElectrico's comment was posted a couple minutes after that, when the question had already been "bumped" by my edit.

(09 Jan '18, 16:14) Tordanik

The Case Studies on offer a small selection of prominent examples.

In addition to that, the OpenStreetMap wiki does have much more comprehensive lists of almost everything, but it's not always easy to find the right one:

A few of the case studies are related to real estate business and may be relevant to your interests.

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answered 29 Jun '13, 13:36

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The OSM Internet Links is pretty sparse.There would be thousands of websites and apps using OSM maps or OSM data ,for routing etc.I tried searching but couldn't even find any external source.Maybe the OSM community should work on building an exhaustive list of such websites and apps.It would be very helpful for people looking forward to replace proprietary maps with OSM. Also It would be great for startup ecosystem, as they can't afford to prototype before coming to a decision to use OSM or google maps.

(29 Jun '13, 14:18) arun

See the OSM wiki about OSM_Online_Browsing and List_of_OSM_based_Services.

Maybe there are even more lists inside the wiki about special maps or special usecases, so browse the wiki if you like.

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answered 29 Jun '13, 11:42

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As far as I checked out none of them is a commercial product.Even FourSquare isn't listed.I am interested in actual real world commercial applications like Foursquare rather than proof of concepts.

(29 Jun '13, 12:20) arun

Nope checked out everything.Even tried search.Couldn't find Foursquare or Craiglist.If biggies like them are not listed, I don't expect much from the list.

(29 Jun '13, 12:58) arun

Do you mean something like ?

MapBox is a quite innovative company offering OSM based maps and frameworks.

(29 Jun '13, 16:58) stephan75

Theres also a Dutch listing with links. Mayby more country lists

(29 Jun '13, 21:54) Hendrikklaas

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