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Hello everybody,

I am a newby in OSM.

  • Displaying the map of OSM on my PC, I don't see the geographical coordinates corresponding to the position of the mouse. Is there a way to get them ? If yes, is there a way to get them either in latitude/longitude or Zone/Northing/Easting

  • There are several ways to display maps but in each mode, some informations are missing :

  • standard : many location informations, but no elevation curves,
  • carte cyclable (in french) : elevations curves are shown but, for instance, some little rivers, Cable railways are no longer shown.

Is there a way to see all these informations on a same map ?

What is the geoide and projection mode used ?

My goal is to include maps in an application I have developped for Android smartphone. Am I free to do this ?

Thank you for your informations


asked 28 Jun '13, 13:36

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Please only ask one question in one "question" entry on this help site. Please edit (link below your question text) and remove the other questions. Ask them separately if you cannot find a similar/same question which is already answered.

(28 Jun '13, 16:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

I am sorry to have asked several questions in a single thread but I thank you very much for your answers.



(28 Jun '13, 17:13) ChPr

To answer a subset of your questions:

Get coordinates using http://m.osmtools.de/index.php?lon=9&lat=49&zoom=6 . There you can set a marker via clicking the link at the bottom left that says "Marker setzen", then clicking the map and then clicking "Permalink" at the bottom right. Now the URL contains lat/lon coordinates in decimal degrees.

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answered 28 Jun '13, 14:05

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Thank you for this answer. This method allows to know the location of a clicked point but not to set a tag at a determined location.

Is there a way to get the coordinates while moving the mouse ?


(28 Jun '13, 14:29) ChPr

@ChPr: this answer answers what you asked for. How to set a marker by manually entering the position is a different question. For moving the mouse and seeing the coordinates see the first link in my answer.

(28 Jun '13, 16:24) aseerel4c26 ♦
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answered 28 Jun '13, 16:27

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edited 28 Jun '13, 16:28

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