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I'm downlading Europe maptiles from here: , and I want to make C# app, that will be able to manipulate the maps offline, to navigate, pin locations etc.

I have developed an app using online bingmaps, but I don't know what exactly api's or tools and which way to use em in ithis case.

So, if you have some suggestions or tutorials, or any indication to help me to take a shortcut through reading all this messy manuals and types, it would me welcome!

asked 26 Jun '13, 02:15

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Please explain what you mean by "manipulate the maps offline". Do you want to edit the map data?

(26 Jun '13, 08:48) Frederik Ramm ♦

You probably aren't downloading map TILES from - what you're probably downloading from there is raw .osm data (or shape files, or one of a number of other things hosted there).

What are you actually trying to do? What have you downloaded that you are trying to understand?

(26 Jun '13, 12:10) SomeoneElse ♦

Sorry, I'm a bit confused from trying to read all these manuals at once.

Yes, "someonelse" I want to download the tiles. In general to give you a picture, I wanna built something like google maps, but in an offline mode, in a c# app.

Is it acheivable with that technology? what should I use?

(26 Jun '13, 14:22) mapieris

You said you also want to do navigation. Tiles aren't sufficient for that, you also need the underlying map data.

(26 Jun '13, 14:32) scai ♦

Well navigation is a second need. For the time I just need to see the map, zoom in-out, add pins, find locations.

(26 Jun '13, 14:37) mapieris

In order to find a location offline you also need some kind of database, tiles are just images without any additional information.

(26 Jun '13, 15:05) scai ♦

Yes seems reasonable. You mean something like linking each photo to a certain coord. something like orthophot, or the way bingmaps is implemented. I'm just asking is there any suggested approach. I read something about offline openstreetmaps on androids.

Anyway I don't I don't know, if someone can give some guideline..


(26 Jun '13, 20:15) mapieris

No, I meant a real database capable of geocoding, like Nominatim does. And the wiki is full of lists of offline routers, Desktop and Android software using OSM, a description on obtaining OSM data and so on, just search a little.

(26 Jun '13, 21:15) scai ♦

Great! That's what I meant. thanks! Now about the tiles, I can download them but how can link them with the osm data so I can have offline mapping? Is that kind of easily achievable (standard methods etc) or is it a project on it self?

I'm aware of quadkeys since I used to use bing, is there any spec for openstreet tile system? Is there any API I can use, a control for c# etc or I have to make my own.

(26 Jun '13, 22:58) mapieris
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In one of the comments you write that you want to build "something like google maps, but in an offline mode". This would indicate you're looking for routing ("show me directions from A to B"), geocoding ("where is 1234 Somestreet, Sometown"), as well as a zoomable/pannable map (can be made from raster tiles or vector data) and possibly even a feature where people can place markers and other stuff on that map.

Tiles are only a very small part of this solution. To produce tiles you will need to install a tile server, likely osm2pgsql/Mapnik based; because if you download a large amount of tiles from anywhere you will be blocked for abuse. In addition to tiles you will need a local database that allows you to compute routing instructions and find locations. These are all different things that require different software. There's a lot of stuff out there already, many of which is Open Source, but it will cost you considerable time to find the bits that you could reuse in your C# application.

If you were hoping for some kind of ready-made library that gives you all these functions - there is none.

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answered 27 Jun '13, 07:56

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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