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Trying to save changes to changeset in Potlatch 2, I receive the error "...server said: Version Mismatch. Provided 38; server had 40 of Relation 2382578". Seems to me that in order to fix this problem, I need to first find out what Relation 2382578 is. But I can find no way to do this in Potlatch 2, nor could I find any previous q&a here that answers my question. I assume this means that I deleted 2 ways that belonged to Relation 2382578 (which originally had 40 ways). But how to find the relation given just its number???

asked 25 Jun '13, 02:56

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If a Potlatch 2 upload fails, it's possible to save the OSC file, and remove the failing item from it with a text editor, and then upload it with If you don't already have it, you'll need to install Python first.

If this sounds complicated, you might consider mentioning the problem on the #osm IRC channel - someone will be able to help.

The best way to avoid the problem in P2 the first place is to "save early, save often" so that if you do get a clash with another editor, you'll lose less work.

It's also helpful to try and avoid using huge multipolygons covering half a state...

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answered 25 Jun '13, 07:57

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meta: I don't get it - the main question is not answered in this answer but this answer is has 4 usefulness vote points and mine 1. I'd like to understand that.

(25 Jun '13, 14:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26: It's intended to help avoid the underlying problem rather than fix the particular symptom, and provide a workaround if the symptom should occur again in the future.

Once you've hit the problem in P2 you can't solve the problem there, hence the cludgy workaround. Even if if you can locate the relation number (which is visible in advenced mode and from there you can get to the web history page) you can't do anything useful with it at that stage.

(25 Jun '13, 14:31) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: Sure, but the question is titled quite differently. Someone arriving here searching for an answer to the title question will not be helped by your answer. I am not mainly addressing you but the crowd here.

Well, we could change the title, then the situation is different. Well, however...

(25 Jun '13, 14:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

you can view an objects info by opening that page: - there you also can see the object history and version numbers

So, in your example it is: It seems that someone else edited that relation while you also did (it is currently version 40 and was 38 until before 25. June 2013, 00:18 UTC). I guess that means (since there does not seem to be a conflict resolution built in Potlatch2) that you either have to trash your edit (you seem not be able to save it) or use the undo function to go back to a step in your edit session where you did not touch that relation. You might be able to save the raw edit in an text editor if Potlatch2 displays it (in osm xml format) which you (or someone else) may be able to (maybe with hand editing) upload manually/with JOSM(?) later.

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answered 25 Jun '13, 03:25

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