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I happened to delete a part of the lake Vänern. How do i restore it?

asked 22 Jun '13, 16:55

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edited 22 Jun '13, 17:01

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First of all, do not make any further changes in the area until someone skilled enough has reverted your changeset.

(22 Jun '13, 17:04) gnurk
(22 Jun '13, 17:13) gnurk

Thank you. How do i find that person skilled enough? Is there any admin register of some sort somewhere?

(22 Jun '13, 17:28) bomander

Usually someone skilled enough stumbles upon your question in a few hours.

(22 Jun '13, 17:30) gnurk

Ok. Thanks. Then I just wait then.

(22 Jun '13, 17:33) bomander

Changeset 16658829 should have reverted your changeset 16658035 now.

Are you able to confirm that the map looks like it did before your mistake now? It may take a while for the revert to show up on the map.

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answered 22 Jun '13, 17:49

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Slowly coming back now. Looks alright. Thanks for all help.

(22 Jun '13, 19:24) bomander

I reverted the complete changeset since this was my first time ever, and also since lake Vänern is such an important part of Sweden and I didn't want people to panic and mess things up when they discover that it's gone. The 3 ways you added are also gone. Either you have to add them manually again or someone has to find out if it's possible to make a fine tuned reversion of the reversion.

(22 Jun '13, 20:20) gnurk

Just take the IDs from the ways which were deleted during the revert and use them to undelete the ways with the undelete plugin. The IDs are easily to spot in the luckily small changeset of bomander.
For the future: When you do a revert using JOSM and the reverter plugin, you can select the part of the restored data you want to upload and then upload only the selection. Doing so you won't delete any data of you don't explicitly select it in the upload dialogue.

(22 Jun '13, 23:33) malenki

Malenki, I saw the options, but I didn't feel comfortable using any bells and whistles since this was my first time using the Reverter plugin. The European Union lost its largest lake, so that was my main target. Next time I will be braver. :p

(23 Jun '13, 00:30) gnurk

bomander, now I've reverted and fixed-up the 3 ways/buildings that got lost in the first reversion. Hopefully everything is 100% OK now, and I feel happy that I've developed my skills a little bit without causing too much damage. :-)

(23 Jun '13, 01:18) gnurk

gnurk: these were just hints to enhance your future possibilities. :)

(23 Jun '13, 23:34) malenki
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