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Hi there

I was wondering how to tag a shared zone on OSM, and as I did not find anything here or on the wiki, I thought I'd ask here.

Here is an example of a sign one would find on such roads:

Example of a sign


asked 20 Jun '13, 04:51

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aseerel4c26 ♦

OK, I am answering my own question, with my older account I just rediscovered...

"Shared zone" is apparently what a living zone is called in Australia and New-Zealand.

So this should be tagged as highway=living_street.

I created a redirection on the OSM wiki for contributors who are in the same situation.

permanent link

answered 20 Jun '13, 05:50

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Seems you are right.

(Also mentioned in the Wikipedia article in your link:) A similarly named but a bit different thing (to a "living_street") is a shared space. It is mentioned (with text) in the OSM wiki apparently only there: Ashford,_Kent,_UK#Shared_Space_Scheme.

(20 Jun '13, 22:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

Drachten in the Netherlands is the poster child for that concept - see here:

(20 Jun '13, 22:17) SomeoneElse ♦

We might need to make a proposition of a new value for highway for shared spaces.

(20 Jun '13, 23:15) stephane-gui...

"Shared space" and the video of the intersection in Drachten have absolutely nothing to do with the question above. So talking about it here is just confusing the issue.

(20 Jun '13, 23:41) cartinus

@cartinus: surely "shared space" has something in common - the word "shared" and being a type of "highway" being not only cars, cars, cars. And I intentionally highlighted "different". I mentioned it so that others don't confuse both.

(21 Jun '13, 00:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

well the question might not be related to the "shared space" concept, but google led me here when searching for it anyway... i have opened the "right" question here.

(17 Aug '13, 23:36) stefanct

Most "shared zones" I have seen in New Zealand are shared footpaths/cycleways. Rather than map these as a living street, I would map them as a shared footpath/cycleway (i.e. highway=footway with bicycle=yes).

(29 Jan '17, 13:51) Huttite
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