We have many footway with a sign „Bei Schnee- und Eisglätte gesperrt“ wich means "access restricted when slippy from snow or ice". How to tag that?

asked 17 Jun '13, 22:12

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Assuming that the "ice" condition has a meaning which is distinct from "snow", the intent of the access conditions thing is to allow you to tag like this (for a logical "OR"):

access:conditional=no @ snow; no @ ice

However, neither "@ snow" nor "@ ice" is documented properly, which is problematic. I think from the wording that "@ snow" refers to a road condition.

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answered 18 Jun '13, 12:38

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Andrew Chadwick
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(If they're not distinct conditions, just use "access:conditional=no @ snow")

(18 Jun '13, 12:39) Andrew Chadwick

Actually snow is mentioned in the conditional restrictions wiki page. Nevertheless this page will never be complete so I guess it is valid to introduce new conditions. Taginfo will help as time goes by.

(18 Jun '13, 13:56) scai ♦

This is covered by the conditional access restrictions (which are quite complicated at first view). As far as I understand the correct tags would be

access:conditional=no @ snow


access:conditional=no @ ice

As you can't use the same key twice I suggest to specify the OR operator (no @ (snow OR ice)) or use Andrew's semicolon suggestion.

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answered 18 Jun '13, 07:13

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scai ♦
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edited 18 Jun '13, 13:54

An object cannot have two identical keys.

(18 Jun '13, 12:33) Andrew Chadwick

Heh of course not, you are right. So you have to either use the semicolon or just start using the OR operator.

(18 Jun '13, 13:50) scai ♦
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