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Checked old questions/answers and did not find an answer.

The other day I set up a route to see my doctor in downtown Washington DC. Everything went well until I reached a left turn on one of the main roads which was not possible to take due to rush hour restrictions; there were perhaps 5 no-left- turns (betw hours 3 - 7 PM) in a row. It completely disrupted the calculated route and I did not make it in time.

I think this would be very useful but I don' t see any such an option in iD. No U turn would also fall into this category. I did read:

but no instructions for iD. Thank you

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iD 1.0 currently does not have full relation support (turn restrictions are built with relations). The upcoming 1.1 release supposedly has far better support. For now simply use P2 or JOSM.

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answered 17 Jun '13, 15:48

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Hi: Thank you or your reply. I started to use 1.1. just a few days ago. It is fancier than 1.0 but do not see a big difference. It is perhaps because I do not use complex editing. Just adding roads, buildings, name places etc. I also tried P2, but I cannot find anything there either.

It was only a suggestion to be able to add these turns, probably too complicated for my editing skills. Martin

(17 Jun '13, 22:31) slover98

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