I noticed that OSM does not display borders of territories (territoires) and districts in Congo-Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo). I have never contributed to OSM. The maps provided by the Reférentiel Geographique Commun seem to be quite detailed. I have also found such data at gadm.org and at UNOCHA. Is it technically and legally possible to transfer the boundaries from some of these sources to OSM? Or do you know any other source for these borders?

I am a contributor at the German Wikipedia and I would like to integrate such maps in various articles related to Congo-Kinshasa.

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PS: Is this the right place to ask this question? Or should I have asked in the forum?

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technical yes, legally probably not. Can you find a license for the one UNOCHA provides? GADM has no license it seems http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GADM

(17 Jun '13, 09:52) emj

RGC can be used according to this wiki-page. I think I should try to ask someone who has done that before.

(17 Jun '13, 10:36) Chricho

I am not a lawyer.

Note that they (RGC) require attribution. They dont specify where the attribution has to be. OSM can pretty much guarantee attribution in the database (via source=... tags), but cannot guarantee attribution in generated map images. So if someone says "you may use our data, but you'll have to print this text on each generated map" we cannot comply with that (because we dont have control over what users do with the data), and so we cannot use the dataset, even if it is free of charge.

(17 Jun '13, 12:23) gormo

@ gormo: there is a wiki page "Contributors"

(17 Jun '13, 16:22) malenki

GADM is not available under an open license, it can only be used for non-commercial works.

OSM does not guarantee attribution in the database. Any information in the database can legally be removed, this includes source tags. The only attribution OSM offers is via http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Contributors

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answered 17 Jun '13, 18:02

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