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I am getting the above warning from JOSM for the Munda Biddi Trail route, but I have no idea what it means - help anyone (otherwise I'll have to continue to hit the "ignore" button :-)



asked 16 Jun '13, 05:45

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Supplying the id for the route relation would probably be a good idea. Without that information I can just speculate that there is a member of the relation that has "keep" as role attribute, this isn't a documented value and likely just an indication that you shouldn't delete the element. The JOSM validator will complain when it can't make sense of role values, but in general the situation is harmless.

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answered 16 Jun '13, 08:12

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As SimonPoole already has sketched, this is caused by O'Connor Street and Brain Street both having the role "keep" in the Munda Biddi Trail relation.

The role "keep" is undocumented, but as far as I can see it shouldn't cause any further harm to ignore the error.

I used the following technique to locate the problem: First I guessed that your OSM username is the same as your username here. Then I manually entered in my web browser, visited your changeset history, found a changeset with Munda Biddi something in the description, watched the relation on the map and found that it stretches over an area - too big to load in JOSM, went to JOSM and loaded a slice of OSM data which for sure included a piece of the relation, rightclicked on "Munda Biddi Trail" in the list of relations and selected "Download incomplete members", selected the relation and clicked "Open an editor for the selected relation" and looked at the roles and found a couple of strange "keep" roles, rightclicked on the roads and selected "Zoom to", pressed Ctrl-I, copied the way ID and manually constructed the URL etc I used in my answer.

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answered 16 Jun '13, 19:20

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thank you for that - I have deleted those roles (I didn't put them there) and indeed the warning goes away.

What technique did you use to locate the problem ?


(17 Jun '13, 10:41) steerage250

Apparently my explanation had to many characters to put in a single comment, so I edited my answer and put it there instead.

(17 Jun '13, 11:20) gnurk

On the more general topic of JOSM warnings, I wouldn't try and "fix" data by deleting roles without trying to understand what was going on.

It may be tha tthe original mapper was trying to express some concept with the "keep" role that is best done some other way, or it could just have been an error - contacting the original mapper is usually the best way of finding out. Of course, if the roles were added years ago and the mapper is no longer involved with the project then this is unlikely to get a response, but if it's a new mapper still getting the hang of things this may help them to understand a better way of doing things.

(20 Jun '13, 12:58) SomeoneElse ♦

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