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I split a building into two (they have different street numbers), but the newly-added building ( ) still has the old building name when viewed on OpenStreetMap (its name appear to be correct when I edit). What might be causing this and how do I fix the new building so that it is displayed with its own name instead of the name of the other building?

(I have grouped the two buildings into a multipolygon, but the multipolygon does not have the same name as the old outline, so I’m not sure what’s happening here.)

asked 16 Jun '13, 00:04

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edited 16 Jun '13, 00:06

What is the old name and the new name? Currently the name displayed is "Adjoined buildings at 230 and 240 Richmond Street West"; this name comes from the relation . Is that what you expected?

(16 Jun '13, 17:52) sleske

Sort of. I expected either that (what the university that owns them call them collectively) or the two to be shown with their own names (230 Richmond West and 240 Richmond West).

What’s really bizarre about this was that the building that I named “240 Richmond West” was not even part of the original “230 Richmond West” area; it’s a newly-redrawn area that happens to share an edge with the resized “230 Richmond West”. That’s why I was so confused when I saw it being labelled with the old name.

In any case I think someone fixed my buildings. The multipolygons are not multipolygons any more.

(16 Jun '13, 19:06) acli

It's normal, I think. There is always a delay of a couple of hours between making changes and the map being updated.

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answered 16 Jun '13, 08:00

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Yeah, but I think I split the building three days ago, so that’s probably not it. I’m just going to remove the intermediate multipolygon and just add the building directly to the university.

(16 Jun '13, 08:06) acli

Road and path edits are rendered in hours other stuff can take days. In windows press F5 it clear old stuff still stored more locally.

(16 Jun '13, 08:13) andy mackey

There is not always

a delay of several hours

Read e.g. the first answer here

(16 Jun '13, 09:24) malenki

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