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how can i get coordinates for national boundaries? i am looked for coordinates in file world_boundaries_m.shp and world_bnd_m.shp but national boundaries is in lower quality and is different as national boundaries in OSM map.

i am looked for it in postgresql where i have imported pbf country file, but i can't find national boundaries

EDIT: in postgresql i am found same borderd in way tables.

with tag: {z_order,0,boundary,administrative,admin_level,3},{z_order,0,boundary,administrative,admin_level,6},... but same border missing.

witch tag is used for borders?

asked 14 Jun '13, 10:43

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please type keywords like boundary, border, extract, boundaries, borders ... or similar in the search box of this FAQ site ... there are already a bunch of topics dealing with how to extract boundary lines from the raw OSM data.

Also look in the OSM wiki about borders or boundaries and how they are tagged in the OSM database.

And have a look at tools like osmfilter and overpassAPI ... they might be helpful for your aim.

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answered 16 Jun '13, 18:45

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thanks for reply.

i looked into different table. national borders are in table roads and no in table ways

(17 Jun '13, 09:48) stevocz
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