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Who do I contact to recover my account? I know the user name but I've lost the password. When I try to reset the password, the site rejects my e-mail address and says that there is no user with that e-mail. The e-mail account is my only primary account and there is no doubt that I used it for registering the openstreetmap user, I have the original registration mail there and a bunch of messages sent through the site.

asked 20 Jan '11, 23:21

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You should contact if you are having problems accessing your account.

One thing that you may want to check first is the case of your username or email address as both the login page and the password recovery system are case sensitive.

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answered 21 Jan '11, 09:22

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I tried typing my e-mail starting with a capital letter, it worked! Thanks for the tip.

(21 Jan '11, 10:55) Bjarki Sigur...

You should add your note as a comment to the correct answer, rather than a new answer.

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