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I saw this page:

But i cannot find the link to see the map with the aviation data. I know the map is operational because i have an ipad app that uses the map with the data. I can see the map in the ipad app, but i can't find it in the internet.


asked 11 Jun '13, 15:48

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There's sometimes a bit of confusion between "map" and "data".

OSM (despite the name) isn't really a map at all, rather it's a large database of things and their positions. The map that you see by default on the website is just one example, rendering only a subset of the data in that database.

There are many other maps that use OSM data - it's quite possible that your iPad app takes data from OSM and renders it itself (i.e. the "map" doesn't exist anywhere else; it's created on the fly on your iPad).

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Not sure if that is the map you are using with the ipad app (look inside the app for the name or attribution data!) ... is mentioned on the page, but seems to be down currently. Instead look at those older versions of that website: cached by google (currently from 1st Juni 2013) or saved by InternetArchive (currently from Sept 2012). Some info also here:

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Is not openaviationmap. Is openstreetmap with aviation data. On the map of the app(it opens a web browser page without address) it says openstreetmap on the lower right corner. Openaviationmap is currently only Hungary and includes everything aeronautical. The one in the app is the whole world with airports and navaid data only. Is clearly the one of the wiki link above since they state that are only including airports and navaid on the map. Can anyone help with this?

(12 Jun '13, 10:53) elpilotojavier

Look in the menu of your app for attribution/map info ("about"/"credits"/…). Nothing mentioned there? Then it may be a own creation by the app authors with OSM data.

The Things We Map section means that only those features should be included into the OSM database. All the other stuff (airspace, …) should not be entered into OSM database. That also means that, as mentioned before, everbody can create a map which is highlighting/showing airports and navaids out of OSM data - example.

(12 Jun '13, 14:41) aseerel4c26 ♦

You could try emailing the app maintainer and ask them; that will probably be quicker than us taking wild guesses into the blue.

(12 Jun '13, 15:38) gormo

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