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Hey , I want to ask you if your service support the display DWG files with layers with your maps as base ? i want your maps as base maps and above it i want to display my DWG files with all the layers in it , is it possible ?

Note: I will use the maps for personal use so no one will see the DWG files layers unless me .

thank you

asked 06 Jun '13, 05:59

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Do you mean .dwg files as in the file format used by AutoCad among others, or something else?

(06 Jun '13, 09:10) SomeoneElse ♦

(assuming AutoCAD)

OpenStreetMap offers geodata and map images. Openstreetmap is not a GIS software, so for your use case you'll most likely need some kind of GIS software, as QGis with it's OpenLayers plugin (free), ArcGIS (expensive) or other.

If you dont need coordinates in your end product and are only interested in generating images, you could export your DWG as a PDF file and load it with photoshop (expensive) or inkscape (free) (or corel draw/some other graphic program that supports layers), along an openstreetmap map image, and do the drawing there.

edit: or create a openstreetmap map export as JPEG and load that into AutoCAD. Might be faster, but you'll have to be careful to get the correct OSM scale.

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answered 06 Jun '13, 14:42

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... there are also some hints if you enter DWG in the search box of this FAQ site.

(06 Jun '13, 16:51) stephan75

Using QGIS you can export to DXF I believe. When using the Aus Gov's boundaries for suburbs I had to export to SHP files because MicroStation (CAD software, similar to AutoCAD) wouldn't open the DXFs. Let us know how you go.

(09 Jun '13, 08:43) Russkel

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