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Hi, I am new to this OSM...

I am having set of node IDs for the china towns. How can I get the Latitude and Longitude for those IDs? Please tell the method to find out the lat/long. Thank you in advance.

asked 03 Jun '13, 16:44

Uma%20Maheswari%20K's gravatar image

Uma Maheswari K
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edited 08 Jun '13, 15:33

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aseerel4c26 ♦


What is a "set of ID"? What is inside? What is a "ID"?

(04 Jun '13, 00:09) aseerel4c26 ♦

Uma Maheswarari to clear our confusion, do you mean town node IDs? perhaps you could edit the question or add a comment please.

(07 Jun '13, 14:33) andy mackey

Yes..It is town node IDs ..sorry for the confusion.

(08 Jun '13, 07:46) Uma Maheswari K

@Uma Maheswari K: thanks, I have added it to your question.

(08 Jun '13, 15:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

If you mean OpenStreetMap node IDs, you can get them through the API:

where 1989098258 is the node ID.

The resulting XML document contains lat and lon.

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answered 06 Jun '13, 14:49

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Is there any other way to find out the Lat/Long for the node ID's ?

(08 Jun '13, 21:25) Chimia

Yes. There are tons of other ways, but if we know your requirements (what do you want? how would you like to get those lat/lon values? what do you want to do with them?) we can answer with methods that suit your needs.

(08 Jun '13, 22:30) gormo

Thanks a lot. This is the answer I searched for,but for some ID's it doesn't work.It simply return 'webpage not found'.I don't know why?What can I do for that? Could you plz help me?

(09 Jun '13, 07:53) Uma Maheswari K

Can you give an example of one of the IDs that you get "webpage not found" for?

(09 Jun '13, 10:34) SomeoneElse ♦

Ya,sure for example 2126333.

(09 Jun '13, 15:22) Uma Maheswari K

That's because that node was deleted a long time ago.

(09 Jun '13, 15:49) cartinus

and from where do you got that node id? deleted in 2006 and was in the USA ...

(09 Jun '13, 15:50) aseerel4c26 ♦
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Type a city name in the search box to centre the map on the city. then right click permalink, then copy and paste it. This is the Chinese capital. you can see it as the Lat and Lon in it.

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answered 03 Jun '13, 20:05

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andy mackey
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Three answers? Really? You can edit your own answer to merge your suggestions.

(06 Jun '13, 15:26) scai ♦

The questioner up voted one. It would be confusing to mix all three.

(06 Jun '13, 21:04) andy mackey

Is your question that you have a name of a town and you want a coordinate? Then you can use Nominatim to get the coordinate.

HTH /al

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answered 04 Jun '13, 14:00

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Not too sure what you are asking but the Potlatch2 editor will give a lat lon read out of the cursor if you tic the box under the options tab. note the format is in degrees and decimal degrees. Not degrees. minutes and seconds. JOSM also gives a read out but I could not see it in iD

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answered 03 Jun '13, 18:16

andy%20mackey's gravatar image

andy mackey
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