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In the osm map of the downtown where I live, there is a region that is devoid of many city blocks - unlike the neighbourhoods around that area:

Before I try correcting this omission, I want to make sure that wasn't the result of vandalism - that could be hopefully easily fixed by undoing those actions? Unfortunately, using the history tab is not really useful in this regard because the history log captures a great many changes that happen across North America and the interface advances only 10 changes per page.

Any ideas on how to find out when and how the blocks were removed and if that happened, how to restore the work? Or is best to just start tracing?

asked 03 Jun '13, 02:35

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In general: That is similar to the question lakes-disappeared. There are some monitoring tools, which can help here. I suggest to check the area with Who did it for recent (time frame select box on top). Or check the area with the new history tab. And maybe to look with Potlatch1 for deleted ways.

Here: Indeed this looks not good here (first glance) - e.g. with the new history tab we find changes by user e.g. this one (view with OSM History Viewer). Probably we need to do some reverts (yes that is possible) - special tools exist (but not easy to handle). What should be done is nicely described here: what-should-i-do-about-vandalism. I have written a message to this user now (asking what he plans) and will forward any answer/report to the Data Working Group then (those reverts are a bit too big for me ...) in 24 hours or something. I am not sure how long to wait in this case ... it looks like a big misunderstanding - private map - to me. Not long, since the damage (if the roads are there in reality...) is quite big.

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answered 03 Jun '13, 03:25

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Changes made by b3rogers have been reverted

(03 Jun '13, 06:18) SK53 ♦


User b3rogers replied that he was trying to make a personal map showing specific features. The change to the original map was not intended. I will reply, show him real ways of "personal maps" (private-maps-do-i-need-to-install-my-own-osm-server, how-to-create-fantasyimaginary-maps-with-openstreetmap, personalised-map-for-private-use, using-id-editor-to-for-personal-alternative-maps - in short: not that easy unless a style change would be enough) and try to convert him to a useful OSM contributor. ;-)

(03 Jun '13, 13:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

Much thanks to aseerel4c26 and SK53 for investigating and doing the reverts. I very much appreciate because I wasn't sure how to interpret the changes and the reverts. Hopefully in time, I will be able to do so.

Perhaps b3rogers could make use of the Maps Marker Wordpress module to make his customized map:

And +1 as well to Frederik Ramm to his community-centred answer too.

Thanks again Mita

(03 Jun '13, 16:01) copystar

@copystar: (if I read correctly) the Maps Marker Wordpress module only allows to embed several maps (as basemap) in wordpress and add markers with text on top but not to alter most parts of the basemap itself. Well, it also allows to embed custom map styles by cloudmade - that is what I pointed him to (it may be suitable), too.

(03 Jun '13, 16:22) aseerel4c26 ♦

In cases such as this, a good way to find answers about the local map should be talking to the people who made it - they are most likely to be able to tell you "yes there used to be buildings" or "no we haven't got around to do that yet, glad for your help". Just look at a few objects in the area and check who made them (how to do this depends on the editor in use). You'll quickly arrive at a shortlist of actie mappers in your area - fire off a friendly message to one or two of them. (If you're lucky there's even something like a local pub meet or so where you can talk to them in person.)

Interrogating the database about object history is of course also possible, but more difficult, and often less rewarding.

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answered 03 Jun '13, 07:05

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Finding active mappers may be easier (than browsing random object histories) with the two tools listed at the bottom of the wiki page DE:Nearby users.

(03 Jun '13, 13:37) aseerel4c26 ♦

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