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Generally, In my region, houses consist of a building and a yard in front/back of that building. how can I map these houses and which tags must I use? Is it Ok using wall for outer range of house and a building within? How can I address them (complete house? wall?!!)

asked 01 Jun '13, 21:23

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See the page for tagging buildings (with addresses) on the wiki:

Yards are generally separated by fences, hedges, etc:

For mapping the yards themselves there seem to be three schools of thought (apart from not mapping that much detail at all). The first is most numerous. Mainly because people think the default map becomes too "messy" when tagging that way, the other options were invented.

  1. Combine leisure=garden with access=private
  2. Use residential=garden with or within landuse=residential
  3. Combine leisure=garden with garden:type=residential
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answered 01 Jun '13, 23:06

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I map it if it sticks out from the rest. but good point about it being crowded map, not necessary to have that much detail.

(16 Jan '21, 01:34) mtbboy1993

mtbboy, remember not to tag for the renderer. Every detail counts and could be found in the database. Making a map is always a choice for whom its made. A hiker expects other details than a driver, the last wants ways suitable to drive.

(16 Jan '21, 10:55) Hendrikklaas

I prioritise the big and noticeable stuff and stuff that stand out when it comes to grass and areas like that.

(18 Jan '21, 01:04) mtbboy1993

I forgot to mention the map does not show it all, you need to zoom in, so I don't think adding too much detail is an issue. also there are several types of open maps, showing different things. so I add all I can see, but only priority bigger areas first. unless it's a new area then I add all I can.

(18 Jan '21, 01:13) mtbboy1993

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