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Does anyone know the correct way to indicate a named terrace of houses within a street, please? The case in question is a 'terrace' of semi-detached houses, so although I could tediously put an address to each house, I opted to enclose them in a landuse=residential and name that, but suspect this is not the preferred method.

asked 31 May '13, 21:50

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The technique I have come to favour is roughly as follows:

Create a building for the complete terrace, tag this building_name=Blabla Terrace.

Afterwards there are a number of choices:

  • You can either split the building using the JOSM terracer plug-in and retain the original building, or do it manually in which case you will have to recreate the original building.
  • Remove the superfluous building_name tag from the individual building=house elements.
  • Add address information to the house polygons. Option 1: to remove the building tags from these just leaving polygons providing the address, and this seems to work for most purposes - thanks to Dee Earley for this idea); Option 2: use the building_part relation to identify the individual properties in the terrace.

Here's an example where I have not yet terraced the terrace: Peel Villas.

A much simpler way is to represent the terrace as a address interpolation way in which case you can just name the way as here: Robroy Terrace.

JOSM of course will protest loudly about overlapping buildings, but much of the information (other than addresses) which one may want to associate with houses in a terrace belong to the terrace (date of construction, no of levels, roof type, building material, builder, architect, etc).

The whole process requires more refinement, but in some places I think accurate information is not merely a nice to have, but essential. For instance Fford Garth Isaf (Lower Garth Road) in Bangor, Gwynedd ( has many terraces, with houses numbered in the terrace. Conventional sequential house numbering has been introduced relatively recently (also on Fford Garth Uchaf, where houses just used to have names).

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answered 31 May '13, 22:42

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A mapper near here does as you do. e.g.

I generally either put the terrace name in the housename field and the number in the terrace in the housenumber field, or I put both in the house name field. So in SK53's example I might have

addr:housename = 1 Peel Villas addr:street = Gregory Boulevard

None of these solutions feel entirely satisfactory. In the UK you might need to worry about "dependent thoroughfares"

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answered 01 Jun '13, 00:35

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Actually the houses in Peel Villas all have standard Gregory Boulevard addresses (surveyed but not entered into OSM).

(01 Jun '13, 00:44) SK53 ♦

In my home town in the UK which I have mapping they are many terraces and other residential areas that have a different name to the road that they sited along how I have solved this problem (though not sure if htis is the right one) is to draw a "living street" along the main street or road then naming the living street by the name of the terrace. Or I have drawn a single terraced house and named it for the whole terrace.

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answered 14 Jul '13, 17:10

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