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Last weekend I walked a portion of Walpole MA US and noted two street omissions.

I have a PowerPoint showing the Open Street Map maps and Google Maps maps.

How can I submit this for review?

Don Rolph

asked 28 May '13, 16:28

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Ok, I think I understand:

1) I can make the update myself - have been reviewing the procedure

2) we should not reference google map data - I plan on tracking the missing streets with my GPS to create two GPX files

I will give it a try to see what happens when I try this.

I will as part of our activities be walking all the trails in the area as well. I am assuming it would be appropriate to provide this data also?

Would it make it too the OpenTopo effort? If so, how?


(29 May '13, 13:29) DonRolph

You might want to "accept" the answer above that you thinks best answered your question.

I haven't heard of OpenTopo but it looks like the site is using OpenStreetMap data if that is the one you are referring to. So trails you add using your GPX data should show up there after some indeterminate amount of time. (Usually these other projects periodic render tiles using OSM data but OSM has no control over when the tiles are generated.)

(29 May '13, 14:25) n76

Walking trails would be absolutely great: this is the sort of thing where OpenStreetMap really adds value.

I presume you mean TopOSM (Lars Ahlzen's US map, rather than OpenTopoMap (which is Europe only at the moment). TopOSM has/had a fairly long update cycle because of the extent of processing of the data, but the data does get through.

Your data will also be available on maps for garmin & other GPS devices.

(29 May '13, 14:27) SK53 ♦

Please read the edit manuals and helpfiles first. There several, Potlach 2.0 (live edits) no extra program to download. JOSM (offline edits) easier to correct changes but it needs a download of a Java oriented programm. And a new program ID. I would go for JOSM since it starts AFAIK automaticly by clicking at the filename with the marked tracks.

(29 May '13, 14:46) Hendrikklaas

There is no 'review' process with OpenStreetMap. You can either:

  • Directly make the change yourself. Sign up for a user account and use the edit tab. There are a variety of resources to guide you if you feel unsure about what and how to edit (including the one referenced in another answer to this question and Learn OSM).
  • Create a note (mainly an omission and error reporting method) by clicking the "Add a Note" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the map screen. This allows provides for free-format text and anonymous comments: just make sure to adjust the position correctly before adding text. Registering for OpenStreetMap helps to keep track of notes you've created. Other users may then follow-up your note and make the relevant changes.

A lot of Massachusetts data (particularly for roads and streets) may date back to 2007/8 and because the data looks pretty complete may not receive much attention. Certainly, I recently noticed huge changes around Hyannis which had not been incorporated into OSM.

Although there is no checks at the time of editing data most parts of the world are monitored by one or more active mappers in the area. Changes which don't fit or don't make sense are usually picked up fairly rapidly. So in a sense review exists but has been crowd-sourced!

One last thing, we cannot use Google Maps, even to show that we are missing something: we have no wish to get involved in any legal imbroglio with Google (or anyone else), nor do we wish to be some kind of Google Map imitator. It is quite likely that your missing streets are directly shown in 2012 TIGER data from the US Census, and this is in the public domain.

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answered 28 May '13, 17:49

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SK53 ♦
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There are different ways to help improve the map a) you could add the streets yourself using one of the editors. b) but if that does work for you, you can go to and navigate to the place where the street is missing (perhaps using as a starting point).

At the bottom right of the map, you can see an 'Add note' link. Click that. Then you can report the missing street (with text) and positioning the node. A nearby mapper may then pick up your node and do a survey. They will never copy the data from Google. I can't tell you how soon the problem will be fixed. That depends on the local OSM community.

I don't think you can attach the powerpoint file to a note

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answered 28 May '13, 17:45

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hi you could take a look here, and start doiing the changes.

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answered 28 May '13, 16:46

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