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Sorry for the newbie question but after doing a lot of research on OpenStreetMap I am still confused as to how everything works.

At this point I have setup my own server with Nominatim so that I can perform as many lookups as I want and add data that might not have the approved OSM license.

The problem I am running into is that there is not enough detail in the database. I have tried importing the TIGER data (not sure if it worked) but I am still missing a lot of data. So I would like to import the county property data.

The data that I have contains polygon shapes for the parcel and address information.

So the questions...

  • Are the polygons just four nodes connected as a way?
  • If I tag the address information will Nominatim be able to use the addresses for searching.
  • How do I describe the polygons in openstreetmap to indicate parcel data?

Sorry for being long winded but this has been very confusing to me.

asked 26 May '13, 23:42

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Polygons can be as simple as a way using a list of nodes. They can also be relations of ways but for your purposes a simple way joining a set of nodes is probably best. See the wiki for a definition of the OSM file format.

There is currently no convention I'm aware of for importing parcel data into osm so doing this 'correctly' probably isn't possible. See:

I would suggest tagging the parcels as building=yes and then using the tags. For your purposes it will probably provide the best result for least work.

PLEASE NOTE: This is assuming you are importing the data straight into nominatim. This would not be suitable for importing into OSM database itself. That would be a completely different topic.

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answered 29 May '13, 18:55

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Thanks for the answer. Is there a link that explains the difference between Nominatim and the OSM database. My understanding was that Nominatim used the OSM database to perform the lookup but I think I am a little confused.

(31 May '13, 01:43) chung1

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