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From time to time I come across addresses where there is a supplementary description between the house number and the street name. Examples, with the supplementary information in bold, are:

  • Unit 54, Royal Windsor Station, Thames Street, Windsor
  • 8, The Galeb, Leen Court, Leen Gate, Nottingham

The former is a retail unit in part of what was a railway station. The other is a block of flats in an old factory where each staircase of flat has a separate name: there are multiple flats sharing the no. 8 in the building, so the entire address is required.

I'd be interested in suggestions as to how to map these in such a way to maintain reasonable compatibility with the Karlsruhe Schema other than using the addr:full tag.

asked 25 May '13, 19:10

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SK53 ♦
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edited 26 May '13, 03:55

The bold parts are names of (parts of) buildings, so I would put them in the addr:housename tag. I wouldn't worry too much about the "or" in the proposal in "housename or housenumber", as I can't find the "or" on the feature page.

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answered 25 May '13, 19:46

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OK how about 1, Naranjan Mews, Gedling Grove (where Mews is a short side street, but the main street Gedling Grove is still part of the address). On OSM

(25 May '13, 20:36) SK53 ♦

If both parts are streets and both are part of the official address then IMHO both belong in addr:street. I.e.: addr:street=Naranjan Mews, Gedling Grove

(25 May '13, 23:15) cartinus

The Karlsruhe Schema you linked has a tag named addr:full which is already often used in GB.
Example: London

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answered 25 May '13, 22:07

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I have amended the question to add, other than using addr:full!

(26 May '13, 03:54) SK53 ♦

Why would you prefer to not use this tag?

(26 May '13, 10:08) malenki

I don't mind using this tag, and I already knew about it and have used it, so didn't need to ask a question about it. (Of course your answer is useful for anyone who did not know about addr:full).

I would prefer a tagging scheme which did not require complex address parsing in any post-processing. A significant goal is to be able to provide an open equivalent of the UK Postal Address File (PAF), see Matt Williams' Postcode Finder

(26 May '13, 12:01) SK53 ♦

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