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Can someone take a look at the river Voxnan on

I try to get water in the Voxnan but the system gives this error:

A server error occurred. Do you want to retry? (The server said: You tried to add 2778 nodes to way 43248073, however only 2000 are allowed)

I am a OpenStreetMap beginner so perhaps I am doing this wrong.

asked 25 May '13, 10:03

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Here I mapped a part of the river Voxnan as example for how I think it should be done.

For "the system" you "tried to fill with water": this has been mapped as the Voxnan Nature Reserve and I don't think the Nature Reserve is restricted to the banks of the river.

Additionally, since there is partly much better Aerial Imagery the river should be re-mapped as far as the imagery stretches. While doing so you should keep the history of maybe already existing objects. The most comfortable way to do this is using the ediotr JOSM and its plugin replace geometry.

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answered 26 May '13, 19:49

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edited 26 May '13, 20:54

I will try JOSM and the plugin. Thanks for the example!

(26 May '13, 20:39) broerse

You can't create a way with more than 2000 nodes. Split it into 2 ways.

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answered 25 May '13, 10:40

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I get no water just the edges when I do that?

(25 May '13, 11:42) broerse

Like with the islands in a lake you had earlier, you can use a multipolygon to make one object from multiple ways. In this case both ways would get the role outer.

Another option is to have the two ways go across the river at an arbitrary point to make two closed loops.

For a longer explanation with pictures see the wiki page for riverbank

(25 May '13, 16:08) cartinus

The way for the outline of the river should be tagged as waterway=riverbank. And part of a closed multipolygon, if more than 2000 nodes.

Also, there should be a way as a single line for the centre or deepest part of the river, tagged as waterway=river.

(25 May '13, 16:33) Vclaw

Thanks I understand now ;-)

(26 May '13, 20:36) broerse

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