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Hi, I have the opportunity to pick up a rather ancient Garmin StreetPilot III. However, the maps are still from 2007 and a lot has changed since then. So, I was browsing around and found mentions that you could use OSM for the SPIII. I would want it to hold the maps for the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK for the trip I am planning on my motorbike to London. Slightly up to date maps would be very nice for a trip like that.

The big question is whether it can be done. Can it? I am an absolute noob in this field, but have a good amount of computer experience, so I know my way around. I have been unable to locate a step by step guide to do the OSM to Garmin SPIII move. Or did I miss something? Otherwise, I might create one later if I can pull this off.

asked 23 May '13, 11:17

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Would it be possible to check whether your "StreetPilot II" will accept some sort of normal SD cards? There seems to be some doubt...

(23 May '13, 13:16) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: The manual only mentions "data cards" (available, according to the manual, with up to 128 MB) which do not look like SD cards (docs page). This is also what Vclaw mentions in the answer.

In short: to me it seems that "reviving" is possible but only with much manual effort (building small maps) and getting a data card if there is not already one.

(23 May '13, 13:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

With regard to the data size, I'd suggest download some data from e.g. for the areas that you're interested in to see how much space your OSM maps will need. For info, routable ones that I created last week for UK + Ireland were 500Mb - 600Mb depending on what was included.

(23 May '13, 13:50) SomeoneElse ♦

I think the only way of loading maps onto the StreetPilot III is using Garmin MapSource. The Streetpilot has very limited internal memory, so you will need a Garmin memory card if you want to add extra maps. Note these are proprietary cards, different to Compact Flash or SD etc. The Streetpilot III will support up to a 128MB card.

You can either use a serial cable to connect the Streetpilot to the PC, or use a Garmin USB card reader. A serial connection will be very slow for loading large maps.

So you need to get some OSM maps installed in MapSource. There are a number of ready made OSM maps with MapSource installers, the easiest way is probably to use Or other options listed here OSM Map on Garmin/Download.

Though with these you won't fit a very large area of maps on a 128MB card. To get maps that cover more of the route you want, you could use maps with smaller tiles, and with less details. Most OSM Garmin maps contain things like buildings, rivers, forests etc, which use quite a lot of space. If you just need roads, they would need less memory. I'm not sure if there is any ready made OSM maps with less detail, otherwise you can create some yourself. To do this, you could use Mkgmap with a custom style to only include roads.

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answered 23 May '13, 12:51

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Load map onto card as /garmin/gmapsupp.img

Have you tried that?

More general information can be found in the OSM Map On Garmin wiki page.

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answered 23 May '13, 11:37

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Thanks. I have not tried that. I first wanted to find out whether it would be possible for a golden oldie like the StreetPilot III before I were to spend money on it...

The C330 listed is a different one than the one I would be picking up... So the StreetPilot III is not actually listed as a compatible device.

(23 May '13, 12:14) arnehulstein

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