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Spent a long time drawing what I thought was a closed way which is salt marsh. I had done this before on another area and it rendered out with marsh grass showing as I wanted. I have this area tagged the same so I was puzzled when the rendered map did not show the grass. Upon looking more closely, I see that I have two different ways. Even though they are joined with the black square showing, they each have a different way number and apparently the renderers do not consider this a closed way.

Any way to make the two ways one? I was hoping not to have to redraw it.

asked 18 Jan '11, 20:34

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To combine two ways in Potlatch 2:

  • Control-click the two ways so they're both selected
  • Click the little 'chain-link' icon in the toolbox to join them (or press J)
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answered 19 Jan '11, 00:08

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Richard's answer above is correct. Thank you.

In Potlatch 2, by Control-clicking each of the two ways they are both selected. Then clicking the little 'chain-link' icon joins them and (I believe) makes the new joined way into one numerical way. Before I had them joined by the black square but in fact they were two different numerical ways.

I wish there was a better help text for Potlatch 2. This editing technique seems so simple yet I keep running into these little editing quirks which I can't figure out. Nevertheless, I like the editor very much and continue to learn.

(19 Jan '11, 15:04) discus277

What do you mean with joined by the black square? I can't see a black square.

(24 Aug '13, 03:51) ivolino

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