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Is there a way to display only labeled bodies of water and more basic administrative boundaries? I'd like to use this tool to get some images to illustrate certain stream systems for Wikipedia. Thank you!

asked 22 May '13, 10:58

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If you can live with statically generated imagers your best bet is likely to use Maperitive or TileMill (if you have a rendering DB setup somewhere)

Maperitive reads OSM files directly however will not handle large areas gracefully.

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answered 22 May '13, 13:16

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Type "custom" in the search box above and browse the results. You'll likely want to use a software like Maperitive to render maps, perhaps in conjunction with a clever "Overpass API" request to download only the data you need. Maperitive can output SVG which you can then customise in Inkscape or so.

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answered 22 May '13, 13:17

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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User skaringa created a map of watersheds of Central Europe based only on free data and software. Perhaps you can get the one or other idea there.

To illustrate certain stuff for Wikipedia you maybe also want to have a look at WIWOSM which was made to connect OSM with Wikipedia.

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answered 22 May '13, 17:18

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