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Hello , i have question about format name. Where can i set text format and text visibility ? Thanks for answer.

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asked 20 May '13, 01:02

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Hi TommyDC, I don't understand your question. Where is the text/name which your are talking about? For what reason do you want to set format and visibility? Please describe in more words / sentences. You also may use your native language - that may be clearer.

(20 May '13, 02:18) aseerel4c26 ♦

I'm guessing perhaps that it might refer to the text format used to describe features on the "OSM standard" map, such as the road name here?

(20 May '13, 08:17) SomeoneElse ♦

I mean for example name of the little town , i want to see name in big scale. I work with osm format and i dont know where can i change it.

(20 May '13, 12:18) TommyDC

Which program are you using to "work with osm format"? Which renderer? Please describe with a bit more words - otherwise others can only guess what you mean.

(20 May '13, 21:58) aseerel4c26 ♦

I use qgis for editing, i need better visible names of towns, because at the big scale is bad reading --> i want to setting visibility and format. For example Ústí nad Labem is good visible but another big city in my country are less visible than i want.

(20 May '13, 22:51) TommyDC

If you are using our map tiles from either the standard, cycle map one of the other two options in a raster format I do not know of any way to enlarge the print except better monitor or ctrl + in windows. But QGIS, if it uses our data it may have a setting to render larger print so ask them. info

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answered 21 May '13, 07:31

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