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Hi, I am trying to add small islands to lakes in Victoria Park, E2 London, they are not showing up, I am styling in iD Editor and have used, 'Wood', 'Park' and 'Island' but they just don't appear on the map, what should I be using, I am very new to OSM


asked 16 May '13, 18:04

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(19 May '13, 08:51) andy mackey

Hello, The islands are there, two in the top lake and three in the lower lake. They should show up after the next rendering of the map, this might take a little while and they might not appear at all zoom levels at the first rendering. You might consider making the lakes and their components into multipolygons to make them render a lot better. Ask if you need help doing this. Regards Bernard

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answered 16 May '13, 19:47

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The problem was it needed a multi-polygon relation tag. Unfortunately this tool is not yet available in iD but is planned. I have fixed the island issue with potlatch2. to find out how, see these answers. ps The monument you mapped near by is very neat. and and

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answered 16 May '13, 20:51

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