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I am using JMapViewer to load the openstreetmap to display them in a frame.

is there anyway to change the road/lane/street width displayed on the map through adjusting some parameter??

or can i custom the style of the openstreetview using java? and how?

can anyone offer some links related to these issues??


asked 15 May '13, 11:42

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JMapViewer loads raster tiles that have been produced by the OpenStreetMap server (or another tile server) according to styling rules configured on that server; the tiles cannot be customised on the client.

You can set up your own tile server (see for good howtos), and then you can configure a different map style on your server. There are also commercial offerings for custom-styled tiles (e.g. Cloudmade, Mapbox).

Alternatively, you can change your client from loading and displaying raster tiles to working with vector data; in that case, the styling happens on the client and you can influence that at will. Check out MapsForge, an open source vector rendering library for Java.

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answered 15 May '13, 12:45

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Thanks so much. I've tried cloudmade and it works, i can change the width of the road now, but it takes too much time to load tiles. I'll go to try to use the switch2osm and MapsForge now.

(15 May '13, 16:26) godoorsun

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