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I see some changes when it loads and after a "save". I have looked at the WIKI but do not see any mention of the latest changes?

Anything significant changed?

asked 17 Jan '11, 14:26

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You can always see the raw code changes on our trac website, but in brief, changes over the last fortnight include:

Saving and loading

  • Proper conflict management if someone else has been editing the same area at the same time
  • Unobtrusive 'floating' alerts (Potlatch 1-style) on save and changeset close
  • Press Escape to revert an object to the last saved version


  • New 'actions' menu by each relation in Advanced mode - makes it easy to move objects from one relation to another
  • Edit relations when multiple items selected

User interface

  • New loading screen
  • Press 'J' to join all selected ways (same as clicking the Toolbox icon)
  • Press 'Q' to make selected ways right-angled (same as clicking the Toolbox icon)
  • Drag ways when multiple ways selected
  • Fix autocomplete issues in Advanced mode
  • Don't allow users to set empty keys
  • Support for embedded video in the Help dialogue (not in use yet)

Other changes

  • Be more selective as to the bugs displayed from MapDust
  • Tag preset changes
  • Minor bug-fixes, drawing and efficiency improvements
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answered 17 Jan '11, 15:34

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