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Is there a way to view node or way IDs in the iD editor?

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asked 13 May '13, 14:51

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closed 22 Oct '15, 09:33

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SimonPoole ♦


Could you clarify why this would be useful, and what you would use it for? There are various bits of information that we could add to the UI but don't have a clear idea of what they would be used for.

(08 Jul '13, 19:05) mcw

@mcw, this is pushing the boundaries of "simple editor" use cases imho. But one reason this came up for me is that in doing cleanup work, it's sometimes handy to know the specific node. For example, single node ways within other ways (ie see Maybe others have a more general use?

(09 Jul '13, 21:15) neuhausr

@mcw: If you want to look up an element's history with a tool like osm-deep-history you need the id. If you want to hide how OSM really works as much as possible then not showing is right. I also think that most beginner mappers will not need a id. But could it be that exactly that hiding is inducing low performance and being unsure? Oh, well - by the way, wrong place to discuss here. ;-)

(09 Jul '13, 21:22) aseerel4c26 ♦

@mcw Why show the ID? Well, it's convenient to make sure I'm editing the right object. It's also essential when working with relations: there's really no way to make sure I'm adding to the right relation without seeing an ID number. It wouldn't complicate the UI—Potlatch has done it very simply for years—and it's necessary for an OSM editor that isn't just a toy. Also, it's ironic that the iD editor doesn't show IDs! :)

(11 May '14, 23:43) marnen

Nowadays you can select a feature and type Cmd-I (or Control-I) to get info about it, including the OSM ID.

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answered 16 Oct '15, 05:50

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Well, when you select an object, a panel opens on the right (the 'feature editor'), and towards the bottom (you may have to scroll) there's a link to 'View on'. Just hovering over the link will probably display the URL containing the object's ID (most browsers do that, I think).


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answered 13 May '13, 15:17

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I saw that--a bit of a hack, but works for ways. What about nodes?

(13 May '13, 22:55) neuhausr

@neuhausr: also works for nodes (if they don't have tags you need to click on "other" (last entry) in the right panel first - other selections add tags). Remember the target audience of iD (read e.g. there) - who cares for object ids?

(13 May '13, 23:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

I know, I know. :) I'm just trying to decide if iD has enough functionality for what I want to do to switch from P2.

(14 May '13, 14:54) neuhausr

i'm not seeing a "feature editor" panel open up when i select a way while editing. has this behavior changed since the above conversation? or am i missing something?

(14 Oct '15, 16:46) pgf

I'm seeing "feature editor" on the left (from memory it's always been at the left) and at the bottom of that is still "view on".

(14 Oct '15, 17:33) SomeoneElse ♦

thanks. yeah, i'm seeing it now. i'd like to swear that link wasn't there before, but i suspect i'd be wrong about that. :-/ :-)

(14 Oct '15, 17:38) pgf
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If you click on road element or node itself in Potlach, you can find the ID in "Advanced" section. You can find it at the bottom of element info panel

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answered 16 Dec '14, 14:22

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thanks, but this question is specific to the iD editor

(16 Dec '14, 14:34) neuhausr

I often find myself wanting to find out about a history of something I'm trying to edit in ID (to understand if needs to be changed when deciding which source is more uptodate for instance; when it gets unclear).

My solution was just to right click the browser on the openstreetmap name at the top left to open OSM at the same place in a new tag or window then just use the data-view or qurey feeature to study all the parts of concern before move back to the unstopped id session to carry on with the edit. I do the same to get access to the wiki manual pages when don't remeber the tags enough to bring the id mini help on tags (and its helpful link)

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answered 01 Oct '15, 21:10

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