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Cycling in Croatia, using two roads showing on a regular map and on OSM, we've found these roads to be unmaintained. Hamlets along were abandoned, since the area was mined except for the road. Demining will not take place soon, was told us by experts. One could see the road was nealy not used, especially on the unpaved parts. There are sufficient alternatives to these roads, so I wanted to put a relevant tag to these road sections.

Yes, we've seen other places mined, but there the road was still maintained and well-paved and clearly in use.

What can I do?

asked 11 May '13, 19:35

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My suggestion would be access=no , hazard=minefield, potentially add disused=yes Unluckily it is unlikely that that will be rendered any time soon, but at least you shoudn't be routed over such a stretch of road.

An actual minefield can naturally be mapped and highlighted with a polygon and military=danger_area

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answered 11 May '13, 20:47

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access=no is rendered on and recognised by some routers

(11 May '13, 22:31) malenki

hazard=minefield sounds good, see for example this proposal: .

(11 May '13, 23:20) gormo

That's a shame. I'd love to see a minefield area rendered on the map, for some reason.

(12 May '13, 03:48) Russkel

Thank you for answering. I'll bring in SimonPoole's suggestions: access=no -cars would have more difficulty to pass eachother than bicycles here I came to think afterwards. -as said I've seen more of them, but there the road was still in good shape and gave access to a national park, to a railway station and a mountain pass, where cyclists have no alternative. Or the mine field was just on one side of the road. In one case demining was just going on and it was explained to us how demining in the area would be going on) thus also hazard=minefield disused=yes (I'm sure, it was obvious, Only one of the houses at a crossing was still in use, the rest destroyed and the people have fled to Serbia. Garbage dumped on and at the side of part of the road and no fields could be accessed because of the mines. Very interesting for nature development I can tell).

(12 May '13, 13:46) heus1

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