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A month ago (April 10), I noticed that the Belize/Guatemala border was very wrong. Several towns that were unquestionably part of Belize were shown to be on the wrong side of the border and in Guatemala instead. I fixed the border to be accurate (using the actual physical features that define the border), and double-checked it against,, and a CIA map. This put the towns back in the right countries (at least in edit view). A month later, the border in the non-editing interface is still wrong in all but 3 of the 19 zoom levels. In addition, if you search for a town like Jalacte, it still reports that the town belongs to Guatemala. How can this problem be fixed?

asked 10 May '13, 21:58

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Nominatim says Jalacte belongs to Petén, which in turn belongs to Guatemala. KeepRight says "The boundary of Petén is not closed-loop". The Petén (214699)-relation has this problem in a number of places.

So, my guess is that the Petén relation is leaking. Fix the relation, and the problem might be gone. (But there are more "not closed-loop"-errors in the region, so new problems may arise.)

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answered 10 May '13, 23:05

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How do you make a boundary closed-loop? I can't seem to even find the Petan border in the editing interface. Would anyone be able to help with this. I'm afraid it may be a bit over my head :(

(10 May '13, 23:39) kaldari

I find it easier to fix boundary problems using JOSM, as the relation editor in JOSM shows very clearly when a boundary forms a closed loop or not.

I just fixed both the Petén and Izabal boundaries. They still used the river centerline and were not connected to the west boundary of Belize.

(11 May '13, 00:16) cartinus

Thanks! Hopefully that will help :)

(11 May '13, 01:27) kaldari

After searching for 10 minutes or so I finally found the OSM bugtracking site and filed a bug:

Why is that site so secret?

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answered 10 May '13, 22:06

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Trac is for reporting bugs in software. What you found is a problem with the data, so it shouldn't go into trac.

(11 May '13, 00:09) cartinus

Well, there's also the problem that the boundary changes I made only show up at 3 of the 19 zoom levels. There seems to be some sort of caching issue there.

(11 May '13, 00:41) kaldari

That is probably a caching "problem" at your local PC. Try clearing your browser cache.

If I click on the Jalacte link in gnurk's answer and slowly zoom out, then I see the blue circle on the Belize side of the boundary in zoom level 18 till 10. Zooming further out it impossible to tell the difference.

(11 May '13, 00:50) cartinus

It's definitely not my browser cache. I can completely reset Safari and empty the cache and I still get the same behavior, plus it is consistent for me across different browsers. Zoom levels 1 (maximum zoom) and 2 show the correct updated boundary. Zoom 3 and 4 show the old boundary (for the most part). Zoom 5 and 6 show the updated boundary. Everything else shows the old boundary (with the border cutting straight through Jalacte instead of being to the west of it).

(11 May '13, 01:07) kaldari

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