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A driver locally was penalised for using a free for 2 hours shoppers car park situated outside retail stores on the edge of town, while he walked to shops in the town centre. There are many car parks like this so should they be tagged as access:destination, rather than as a general public car park? I don't see any panning the map so what do I tag?

asked 16 Jan '11, 14:13

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edited 17 Jan '11, 08:18

Thank you both for your suggestions.

TAGINFO gives access=customers 836 uses so far and as it seems to fit my scenario I'll go with that. Goes to show it helps to check for wiki updates now and then and not rely on memory.

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answered 17 Jan '11, 09:41

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access=permissive is much more widely used. However, it would be nice to have stats on the combination of parking and access . I have no clue how to do this. So maybe somebody else could do it.

(17 Jan '11, 10:52) ALE

The access tags should IMHO be used for routing purposes, i.e. if access restrictions apply, you would basically not even be allowed to enter the road/parking lot. For explicitly setting the parking condition you could use


and even include a


if feasible, explanation is in the proposal. The parking map will pick up the parking conditions and render the according lots in a brown color (for "customers only"). Example parking map is here.

This map also considers "access=customers".

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answered 12 Jan '12, 11:07

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I would say that it's access=destination (meaning that you can't go there unless your destination is there).

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answered 16 Jan '11, 23:44

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Baloo Uriza
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I would tag the car park of the retail store as access=permissive because the store owner is at the same time the owner of the parking place and allows its clients to use the parking for the duration of buying things in his shop. So the fine is perfectly ok and the driver should be happy that the car was not towed away.

If a parking lot is open to the general public to enter this does not automatically mean that you can leave the car there to go to some other store.

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answered 16 Jan '11, 15:50

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access=permissive implies that the public is allowed to use that for any purpose unless told to take a hike by the owner. access=destination would be what you're saying permissive is.

(16 Jan '11, 23:44) Baloo Uriza

The German wiki suggests permissive for supermarkets!

And also reads in my opinion a little bit differently.

BTW the english wiki suggests access=customers.

(17 Jan '11, 08:17) ALE

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