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Something I've run into a few times with Potlatch 2 is this error:

An item you edited has been changed by another mapper. Download their version and try again? (The server said: Version mismatch: Provided 18, server had: 19 of Relation 337048)

But no attempt appears to be made to download the later version nor allow me to overwrite with my version (ironically, in this case, I think my previous save was the "conflicting" version). Potlatch 1 seemed to try and save as much as it could, but it appears that Potlatch 2 does not even try?

asked 15 Jan '11, 20:47

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edited 01 Feb '11, 21:31

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Jonathan Ben...

At the time you asked the question, no, Potlatch 2 didn't have the ability to reconcile conflicting versions.

However, it's been added in the latest update to the code which should be available in the next day or two. As yet it will only allow you to download the later version but we'll add an 'overwrite' option soon.

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answered 16 Jan '11, 17:35

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Richard ♦
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Well, I see the version has changed, but you can still get into situations where you have to abandon your changes, for instance when you get the error "An unexpected error occurred, probably due to a bug in Potlatch 2. Do you want to retry? (The server said: Precondition failed: Cannot create way: data is invalid.)". Both yes and no give the same result, of not retrying, or giving a way of excluding that single change.

(01 Feb '11, 14:01) Rowland

That's a separate issue and so you should really ask it as a separate question.

For what it's worth, "Cannot create way: data is invalid" is a server error most likely to be thrown when a way has somehow been created with 0 nodes. This shouldn't happen and we'd be very interested to hear of circumstances in which you can reliably reproduce this happening.

(01 Feb '11, 14:22) Richard ♦

@Richard: ("it's been added in the latest update to the code which should be available in the next day or two") – Is it (still?) live nowadays on the OSM servers? Judging from a user question P2 only offers to "retry".

(17 Mar '14, 11:29) aseerel4c26 ♦

I intend to do small edits in future, it will keep change-set details better linked than big edit and I won't be disappointed if save doesn't work

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answered 01 Feb '11, 21:25

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andy mackey
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