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Spent this morning updating some tracks in a very remote part of western Thailand on the Burmese border.

Have tried to make a Garmin compatible file.. But my updates do not show yet.

When I go to OSM main page.. The tracks only show when I zoom right in really close.

Guessing there is a delay for all this to happen.

Any idea how long I need to wait for all the updates to show and be able to make a map.

Thanks Brian

asked 05 May '13, 16:43

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Could you explain what you did to "make a Garmin compatible file"?

If you downloaded the data from an extract site, or downloaded a complete map, then there's usually some information on that site that says how old the data that their are using is.

(05 May '13, 18:06) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi, thanks for your reply..

I used this site to make the map..

It has been 36 hours now and it still doesn't show the additions. Tried again tonight.. Can see all the other tracks in base camp

But the tracks etc are showing more easily on the main web map with out zooming in so far as before.. Not sure if that makes sense

Cheers Brian

(06 May '13, 16:56) brian_bkk

You posted the question on the 2nd may 13 the your link to the map shows "Hosting is sponsored by Oxilion and others. Slippy map and Garmin maps are based on OpenStreetMap data. Map version: 02-05-2013" so maybe you just missed to dead line. the maps of the UK (not from the site you used) I use are only updated once a month

(06 May '13, 18:36) andy mackey


Hi brian, there have been a lot of these kind of problem questions. Please look at or in thr large amount of answers, here if you enter the question in the blank window below questions. Hendrikklaas

permanent link

answered 05 May '13, 17:03

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sorry.. I don't understand you answer.. Ask the question again here?

(05 May '13, 17:11) brian_bkk

OK, worked out what you meant..

Found some things.. but didn't really answer the question.

Seems like it can be hit and miss.

Thanks Brian

(05 May '13, 17:19) brian_bkk

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