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Dear all,

I am looking for the following. I need to have a graph based representation of a city in Matlab. Preferably I would like to decide myself where exactly in the world. Therefore, I would imagine I would need the following: long. and latitude of nodes (points) that have a street in between (so where there is an edge present). In this way I can create a graph. Preferably I would also like to know the type of the street for each edge (main street, small street, etc.), but this is not strictly necessary. If I get it into a text file, I will be able to load it into Matlab. But I have no idea how to obtain this data from this website.

I am completely new to this kind of street data and all the associated file types. Can someone help me with this? If something is is not clear about what I need please let me know.

Kind regards.


I would really appreciate your help!

asked 03 May '13, 10:04

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People have tried turning OSM data into a (mathematical) graph before - search this help site for "graph" and you'll get some helpful answers. Also, if you've not already read it, have a read of this page of the "Beginners' Guide" that explains what sort of data (in the sense of "what's in the XML file that you download")

(03 May '13, 12:08) SomeoneElse ♦

That guide that you refer to seems to be only about editing the map. Where can i find how to choose which data to export and what not?

(03 May '13, 14:23) Roland_d

There are multiple possibilities. You can use osmfilter after you obtained the data or you can use some API that supports filtering like the Overpass API (also take a look at Overpass Turbo). Or you skip the uninteresting parts while parsing a data export.

(03 May '13, 14:32) scai ♦

osmfilter, osmconvert, overpass, XAPI, Geofabrik downloads, osmosis, imposm ..... Search the wiki.

(03 May '13, 14:33) SK53 ♦

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