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On several places there is fireplace in forest or just outside the naturel reserve where (and only where) the fire is permitted. However it is not possible to sleep there and there is no other equipment. How to tag this? Is it camping_site? Picnic site? There are no beneches, nothing. It would be great if there is a fireplace icon for such places, it would encourage using them instead setting up fire where not allowed.

asked 02 May '13, 16:14

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The wiki page and editor presets for a picnic site suggest the already well-established tag fireplace=yes. Therefore I suggest to use this tag, too (without the tourism=picnic_site if there is none).

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answered 02 May '13, 17:31

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scai ♦
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You mean just adding fireplace=yes to a node without any other tags?

(23 May '13, 10:52) gorn

Yes, exactly.

(23 May '13, 12:27) scai ♦

Ok, you are right. I still think that the node with only yes value is somehow strange. it feels the same as using picnic_site=yes instead of tourism=picnic_site ... as there is no estabilished tag amenity=fireplace or tourism=fireplace, my second thought is map it as tourism=picnic_site, fireplace=yes, bench=no, table=no (or maybe bench yes if there is one of course).

(23 May '13, 13:42) gorn

It might seem strange at first but compare it with other tags like building=yes which is also fine without any further tags.

(23 May '13, 14:32) scai ♦

I started to tag these places as

backcountry = yes
caravans = no
openfire = yes
tents = no
tourism = camp_site

this is inspired by

also se an example at

What do you think?

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answered 23 May '13, 10:51

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You asked about a fire place not about a camp site. If this is not a real camp site then please don't tag it like one.

(23 May '13, 12:07) scai ♦

Yes, that is exaxtly the reason why I am asking how to tag it. Read the meaning of backcountry=yes ... it is a place without any facilities (that is exact) and I explicitely forbid camping eith other tags. I do understand that it is not ideal, but what is the other option? amenity=fireplace?

(23 May '13, 12:19) gorn

fireplace=yes. It is not a camp_site, as a campsite where camping is not allowed is not a camp site. It is a place where one may start a fire.

(23 May '13, 12:30) gormo

Allowing camping by one tag and forbidding it by another one is just wrong. I bet there are multiple tools which won't handle this correctly. And what's your reason for doing this? Just to get it rendered? There is no established tag yet for a single fire place so any meaningful tag is correct as long as it is not wrong, but yours is obviously wrong.

(23 May '13, 12:32) scai ♦

See also leisure=firepit.

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answered 03 Jan '16, 02:46

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