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I am trying to mark some bus routes which go only one way down two-way roads, but I can't see how to check whether I've chosen the correct facing arrow. Unfortunately the Transport Map doesn't show any oneway arrows, so I can't check what I've done. Can anyone suggest what to do, please?

asked 02 May '13, 14:18

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Don't add roles to the ways of your route. Simply add all ways in the correct order.

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answered 03 Jan '15, 00:25

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Fun thing is this likes to break, and quite badly, on routes that backtrack or loop. The 105 Peoria in north Tulsa and pretty much any route hitting Denver Avenue Station has this issue.

(24 Jan '15, 09:28) Baloo Uriza

That's why I'm creating scripts to check whether those routes are still continuous and report the ones which aren't anymore.

Hopefully, one day, iD will be rewritten in such a way that route and other relations aren't broken anymore.

(08 Feb '15, 10:05) Polyglot

The following assumes you are mapping your bus route with a route relation.

On the sections of the route which are only travelled by the bus in one direction, add in the role either forward or backward depending whether the bus travels with or against the direction of the way.

In Potlatch 2 the role is set using the 3 little arrow logos next to the route in the Simple View or the third field in the relations view in Advanced mode. You can see the direction of the way by the orientation of the arrow in the tool panel (usually lower-right corner), or you can choose the Enhanced view from the MapStyle drop down and this will draw arrows on a way when it is selected to make it's direction more obvious.

In JOSM you choose for the direction of all ways to be shown by setting an option. JOSM also has more features for adding bus routes, but I suspect these might be overly complex for what you want to do right now.

Here are example ways with this type of tagging on bus routes (you could open them in an editor to inspect how they appear:

Here are links to each of these sites on OePNV Map another visualisation of public transport which does show one direction segments : Middle Hill, Inham Nook, Cranbrook Drive.

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answered 02 May '13, 18:59

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Multiple examples used in case any bus routes change (not unknown in Maidenhead)

(02 May '13, 19:00) SK53 ♦

OK, thanks, that's answered it.

(02 May '13, 21:28) Jonga

You can accept the answer, then others can see that this helped

(02 May '13, 23:27) SK53 ♦

@SK53 Your first and third link are broken.

(03 May '13, 14:03) scai ♦

You can edit the answer too!

(03 May '13, 14:33) SK53 ♦

Bus routes are mapped using a relation to link together the ways that make up the route. It is usual to create a relation for each direction (and each variant) of the route. These can then be linked together using the Route Master relation. See Public Transport Route for more information. However the way Transport Map and other renderers display the route may be an issue.

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answered 02 May '13, 15:03

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Thanks, but that doesn't seem to answer the specific point. When I've added a route, there are three direction options on the drop down: >>, <<, <>. The trouble is, I don't know which direction >> and << are pointing along the road. The road itself is two-way so the bus route could theoretically be in either direction, although where there are stops, these are placed on the correct side.

(02 May '13, 15:11) Jonga

left to right arrow sign (>>) means forward(node direction of the road).

(03 May '13, 12:32) erkinalp

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