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I am recording data as I cycle. Often I see signs pointing up side roads to towns.

How can I mark this on the map? Someone following could find this useful navigational info.

asked 01 May '13, 22:35

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Map the actual destination and the road itself!

IMHO adding such a guidepost doesn't add much value to the database:

  1. In the world there are millions of such signs, but there hasn't been much usage/emphasis to store this data.
  2. Currently AFAIK any program trying to use OSM data for navigation/routing/directions will use the highway network itself to perform the routing and hence will ignore (and does not need) such information.
  3. For me mapping of guideposts is limited to 'special' signs, ones that are more significant than the average ones along ways (as per the images on the Wiki for the guideposts).
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answered 04 May '13, 11:09

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Maybe the tag information=guidepost and the relation destination_sign is what you are looking for.

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answered 01 May '13, 22:49

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Isn't "information=guidepost" more for tourist signs on e.g. hiking trails? Like e.g.:

(04 May '13, 12:46) SomeoneElse ♦

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