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I am a recent "OSM member", and I have some questions about the trails and the mtb use.

The question is:

When I tag (with JOSM) a trail wich is a "traditional" hike trail, but I tag it for an mtb use too (generally for downhill), what's the most appropiate?:



foot=yes or foot=designated ????

I have no questions with the other tags posted here but with the above mentioned I am confused, because the trail "was" for hikers but now bikers are using it too.

And I don't know how important it is for the render of the opencyclemap, Does the trail have different colors or forms?

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Please see for implicit access restrictions. In general I would only tag exceptions to the rule and not try to add all possible access tags (which leads to stuff like motorboat=no on residential roads).

So if in your region there are no specific legal restrictions on using paths I would leave the highway=path naked except for surface tags and potential explicit access restrictions.

PS: you should realize that the use of highway=path and the general topic of access restrictions tends to lead to very drawn out discussions and there are probably as many opinions on the issues as there are mappers.

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