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Hi I m tagging an historic rebuild trench. That gives me 2 questions. Since there using wood to prevent it from caving in, I would add that too, besides soil, dirt or earth. What to do add the key and value material - soil, wood or ad both to the value together ? Secondly a way wont except the tag historic monument, it acts like it should be a single node. How to solve it ? Greetz btw its here

asked 29 Apr '13, 23:28

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Perhaps a picture might help people to understand what it is you're describing here?

(30 Apr '13, 08:57) SomeoneElse ♦

The wiki leads to barrier=ditch and taginfo leads to military=trench (I guess applying both tags is fine) and after asking a hundred of questions you should already be capable of using these two tools yourself.

If your trench is made of wood you can use the material key and add material=wood. Tag the surface with the most frequent material (probably ground in your case).

I can't understand your issue with the monument tag. If your editor doesn't have a monument preset for a way then just add the tag manually using the advanced tab. Yet, the monument tag is for objects built to remember and show respect to a person or group of people. Your trench wasn't built to show respect to anyone but as a fortification. Therefore this tag seems wrong. Maybe you are searching for a tag like tourism=attraction. You can still add historic=yes of course.

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answered 30 Apr '13, 07:36

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Hi Scai, I didn’t know there was a limit, but thanks for counting anyway. I just asked it to avoid wrong tags, since I tend to be creative and already combined barrier – trench. I tried to add the monument tag but the monument tag is not congruent with a way. I guess it needs a single node and the correct description. Tourism crossed my mind, since they use the trench for reenacting as well. I stumbled over the use of the materials, ground and wood they used to build it. Greetz

(30 Apr '13, 14:20) Hendrikklaas

Don't be too creative if there are already commonly used tags. To find commonly used tags use the wiki and taginfo. Only if both don't return a suitable tag and the forum and mailing lists also don't help then invent your own.

(30 Apr '13, 15:01) scai ♦

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