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Hello When I want a route from Nysted to Hamburg the navigator direct me to take Gedser Rostock or over Jutland (I live at Lolland). It will not accept the ferry route Rødby Putgarden (way in osm's data) what ever I do. It seems like this ferry route is unknow. But when I look at the maps I can not see anything wrong. I use the free navigator from MapFactor. Please can anybody give me an answer. Thank you.

asked 28 Apr '13, 14:45

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Jorgen K
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Have just been having a play with the route in osrm.

The ferry works, the problem is a lifting gate at Puttgarden which prevents you actually leaving the port. I found several of these problems on UK ferries. The solution is to simply tag the gate access=yes, then routing will work.

The offending gate is here

I have added an access tag, so it should work (in OSRM) on Tuesday.

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answered 28 Apr '13, 16:55

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Hi Jorgen, that may have several reasons:

  1. the routing of MapFactor is not capable enough or is broken - then you have to ask them.
  2. The OSM data which is used by MapFactor to make the routing is too old.
  3. You make the wrong input parameters in the routing or similar
  4. The data in OSM is not correct and causes the routing problem (e.g. cars could be mistakenly be disallowed on that route). Then you are nearly right here.

At 3.: However, this help page is not intended to solve specific data problems. Rather it is to ask how to solve problems. ;-) You could report the problem with this ferry connection at OpenStreetBugs or (since some days) directly on the website (notes).

Or discuss and solve it collaboratively in IRC, forum or mailing list. That may be the best option since you don't know if the problem is really a problem of the OSM data (you could try other routing programs/websites - e.g. (wrong route) or (right route!) - to find out better).

Hmmm, okay, a specific comment: On 13:01 (today 28th April) you have added (among another change) the tag highway=motorway_link to the ferry connection. That seems not to be right (there is no motorway link). By the way: Rostock - Gedser also does not have this tag! route=ferry seems to be used for ferry connections.

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answered 28 Apr '13, 15:26

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(meta) Well, two people vote up the other answer, but not mine - so apparently: scratch that "this help page is not intended to solve specific data problems"?! ;-) Yes, nice that the culprit has been found.

Okay maybe if that question would a new title - how to find and fix routing errors based on an observation in a single app - that would fit ... as example solution.

(28 Apr '13, 21:48) aseerel4c26 ♦

That's because your answer is too generic and therefore no longer really helpful. Plus it contains nonsense like 5.

(29 Apr '13, 01:36) cartinus

thank you. removed the nonsense - sure, sorry, we are very serious here. It seems I have totally misunderstood the sense of this site if my answer is rated as "no longer" helpful after this other answer.

(29 Apr '13, 02:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

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