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I have 2 specific cases where I'm interested in knowing the past statistics of tag usage:

a] how many of the landuse=cemetery features in the USA were at one point tagged as amenity=grave_yard.

b] How many times amenity=grave_yard was used in the USA shortly after the GNIS import.

What's the easiest way of finding this out ? Is there a service out there that allows this, or in case B] would I have to download old planets, extract the US, set it up into an postgis db; then make a SQL query ?

asked 26 Apr '13, 21:01

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There's nobody that I know of who keeps such statistics for your perusal so you would have to work this out yourself, either by downloading and comparing two different planet files, or by downloading and analysing a full history planet file.

You could use the OSM history splitter to pull out the USA from the history file, and then process that. Since the full history planet is ordered by type/id/version, it would be relatively easy to answer your question with a few lines of code.

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answered 26 Apr '13, 22:41

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