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I'm discovering OpenMap and related applications..

So, I'm trying to download a big part of Chicago in order to edit the map (with JOSM, or other, i'm open to every proposal).
The objective is having a real Chicago map that I could use in a Role Playing Game (Fallout).
Because we are many years after a Nuclear War, in a real city, I'd like to edit that map to make it match with the intersets of the game (rename some places, blocking some road acces or bridges, put scenaristics POI, etc..)

My problem?

I just don't understand how to download a map!!!
Seriously, I tried to download from OpenMap and from OSM serveur with JOSM, but it just doesn't work. I can download a map but I can't use it, or I just can't download because of the size
I probably missed something.

Thanx for help, SkaL

(edit : does anybody knows about Gosmore?? gonna try this.. )

asked 13 Jan '11, 18:25

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edited 13 Jan '11, 19:01 is a good source for planet.osm extracts. Basically you are downloading the osm data for a large region of the planet so you will want to look through the folders and find the smallest area which will contain Chicago, there are state sized regions.

I would recommend picking the bzip version to download since this is an xml format which every openstreetmap tool can use.

Now you have a large area of osm data which is too big, so you can use a tool called osmosis to cut out a square. You can find instructions on the wiki. (You can use the export tab to get the bounding box coordinates).

After that you should have a .osm file covering chicago. I just tested josm with an 80mb extract (Cambridgeshire in the UK, which is probably a bit larger than Chicago), it does slow down a bit but once you zoom in it seems to work reasonably, it used almost 700mb of memory.

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answered 27 May '11, 09:29

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First of all, you must be aware that what you will be downloading, or editing in your editor, is raw data, not "a map". You will have a line tagged as "this is a road", another line tagged as "this is a building", but it is not a WYSIWYG editor. After you are done editing, you will have to create a map from your data, a process we call rendering. You will be using a different piece of software for that (Maperitive, Mapnik, Osmarender, or something).

Now you didn't say why downloading with JOSM didn't work for you. My suspicion is that you might have tried to download a too large area. Try a city block first, to see if it works in principle. If it is really the size limit that is your problem, you will either have to use the XAPI service (which is reportedly a bit flaky at the moment), or you should download a suitable Planet.osm extract and cut out your area of interest with a suitable program like Osmosis.

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answered 13 Jan '11, 18:48

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a lot of info for just a question...! Thank you very much ;)

But if I' understand correctly : JOSM is not build to modify existing map (make "another" chicago for eg) by drawing.. I can modify "raw data" (i guess raw is all those little things that makes a map.. roads, parks, bulding, lake, scale,...) with JOSM but I guess I need to know how works raw data...

And you are right, my problem is mostly about the data size I try to DL.. I've downloaded many large areas (heavy files) on Windows (NaviMapper) with no issues.. just a long wait ! This is why it seems weird to me that I cannot DL such as areas with the solutions I've find by my own.

About XAPI and/or Planet.osm... i don't understand how it works... either what it is :) ! Open Map advised me to use Planet.OSM.. i just found a repertory with many files and I don't know what to with them.

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answered 15 Jan '11, 22:31

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