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Hello everyone,

I downloaded Latest Netherlands pbf data from Geofabrick yesterday. I process the data by reading the raw data into a sql data structure. There are some data tags that show up on the OSM web site but not in the data I downloaded from GeoFabrik. For example, wayid = 7982080 (Un-named River), there is no tag downloaded from Geofabrik. However, If I do an extract from the OSM website for that area, I do see a tag = "natural" value = "water" for that river (wayid = 7982080). Geofabrik site says the data is updated daily. This data was there on the OSM site a few days ago when I extracted the data but still not in Netherlands download from Geofabrik. Can anyway shed some light on this for me? Is it just a matter of waiting some more time for this data and eventually shows up or is there more to it?

asked 23 Apr '13, 17:09

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Way 7982080 actually has no tags on it but is part of a multipolygon that has tags.

Whatever you're using to process the data is presumably doing some multipolygon processing (perhaps to make it easier for rendering)?

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answered 23 Apr '13, 17:22

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It looks like I should have been looking at the relation that defines the multipolygon. Relationid = 1462311 has the tag for natural = water.

thank you.

(23 Apr '13, 20:20) kcjailbirds

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