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I installed osm on my Ubuntu server, as shown in the photo below. The Korean language, Hangul, however, retrieve broken.

I faithfully as a guide, but many times, even if you tried any of these symptoms appear.

The procedure below.(Very simple)

  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kakrueger/openstreetmap
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-tile
  4. wget


  • sudo su - postgres
  • createdb osm
  • createlang plpgsql osm
  • createuser <username>

·5. osm2pgsql --slim -C 1500 ireland.osm.pbf

·6. restart …

Below is the result of my test.

  1. create test.php -> <? echo("대한민국"); ?> OK
  2. login psql -> show clinet encoding? OK - UTF-8
  3. PHP-CHARSET : line comment -> UTF-8
  4. using josm, open the character map check OK

What is the problem?....... bohoo....

asked 22 Apr '13, 03:40

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Not all fonts are able to display all UTF-8 characters. The DejaVu font for example doesn't appear to be able to display Korean characters, which is what leads to your problem.

Mapnik, the rendering library used to generate the tiles, has the ability to use alternative fonts for those characters that aren't supported by the default font. This alternative font is specified (as you have now done) in the style sheet in

In addition, however, you need to tell mapnik where to find this alternative font. As you are using renderd as your driver for mapnik, the way you tell mapnik where to look for the fonts is in /etc/renderd.conf

In that file, there is a configuration parameter font_dir ( ) and font_dir_recurse. In the default /etc/renderd.conf these parameters are set wrong, as they point directly to the dejavu font, rather than the generic font dir and then recurse in to load all fonts.

So if you set font_dir_recurse to true and then change font_dir to the generic /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ you should hopefully get mapnik to load the unifont, which should then render the Korean characters correctly.

The Ubuntu 13.04 packages I uploaded a couple of days ago should have this fixed, but I haven't uploaded corrected packages yet for the older versions of Ubuntu.

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answered 29 Apr '13, 10:26

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Thank you. Has been resolved. I'm very happy.

Thank you

(30 Apr '13, 02:30) sgGold

Make sure that you have the "unifont" font installed (sudo apt-get install ttf-unifont) and that your file correctly references the "unifont Medium" font.

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answered 22 Apr '13, 09:58

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thank you for answer. I as directed, using the command "sudo apt-get install ttf-unifont" The installation finished successfully, reboot.

Sadly, the result was the same. , "Fontset-settings.xml" I open the file but it was in the set. You, the font is installed correctly, there should not?

mtis @ ubuntu: ~ $ sudo find /-name unifont * / usr / share / fonts / truetype / unifont / usr / share / fonts / truetype / unifont / unifont.ttf

(22 Apr '13, 10:27) sgGold
mtis @ ubuntu: ~ $ tail / etc / mapnik-osm-data / inc /
  <! - Font face-name = "unifont Medium" / ->
</ FontSet
<FontSet Name="bold-fonts">
  The <font face-name="DejaVu The Sans Bold" />
  <! - Font face-name = "unifont Medium" / ->
</ FontSet
<FontSet Name="oblique-fonts">
  The <font face-name="DejaVu The Sans Oblique" />
  <! - Font face-name = "unifont Medium" / ->
</ FontSet
(22 Apr '13, 10:28) sgGold

Your comment comes out a bit garbled, but notice that the character combination "less than" "exlamation mark" "minus" "minus" is the beginning of a comment in XML ("minus" "minus" "greater than" is the end of a comment) so it looks like the unifont might be commented out in your

(23 Apr '13, 18:55) Frederik Ramm ♦

(meta @Frederik Ramm: fixed the code formatting)

(23 Apr '13, 23:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thank you.I did not know that it is there, the line block. However, on the DejaVu font, erase Leaving Unifont only Does not generate tiles ...

I think, to get back to after the following procedure to install the font. What do you think?

I'm confused. Boohoo

(29 Apr '13, 03:26) sgGold

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