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Not much of an expert. In Potlatch I can show cursor coordinates by setting a check box in options. However, it only shows Westerly coordinate. The northerly coordinate does not show. Just a single "-". Can anybody fix this? KP

asked 19 Apr '13, 18:47

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Agreed. As soon as the longitude passes -99.99999, this problem occurs.

(19 Apr '13, 22:12) sdoerr

Thanks. I have absolutely NO idea how this potlatch things works organizationally, or who maintains it. Is there a wishlist for future updates or is there another way to get this fixed. Even better I wish I could type in a coordinate and have potlatch (or even OSM) go right there. Currently with no lattitude showing I have no idea how to find locations for which I only have a coordinate. A real nuisance.


(19 Apr '13, 23:17) KPost

The main search facility on does allow you to enter co-ordinates, e.g.


The results box then returns a link headed 'Results from Internal'. Click on the link (the same co-ordinates you typed in) and the map will be positioned with that location at the centre and an icon marking the position.

Also, when you're in Potlatch, it has its own search button (just below the zoom buttons + and -), and you can enter co-ordinates in there.

(20 Apr '13, 08:48) sdoerr

@sdoer: okay, that is quite a help to find the position at least approx. But afterwards one must still either exactly hit the centre of the map display in potlatch or use the coordinate display to make a node at that position.

(20 Apr '13, 14:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

@whomever: another user report of the same problem: show-mouse-latitudelongitude-of-potlatch2-shows-only-longitude.

(19 Nov '13, 15:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

Via the page "Potlatch 2" in our wiki I find the list of open Potlatch 2 bugs. There you can report new bugs (component "potlatch 2"), but please search the list before reporting a new bug.

→ I have searched and found the already existing bug report: "Show mouse latitude/longitude" box too small (reported 2012-04-14). Now: just wait, fix yourself or find someone to fix it. ;-)

Please note that Potlatch is mainly designed for new users. And I guess that there will be not much development any more since a first release version of a technically advanced possible successor (iD) is being finished these months. However, I read in some blog post (sorry, forgot where) that it is planned to be continued/maintained as an editor for rather advanced users (leaving iD to the beginners).

You could instead use JOSM – it allows entering a coordinate directly.

permanent link

answered 20 Apr '13, 00:02

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OK, this works, thanks for your help. I will be looking forward to the new editor.

Placing a new node accurately it pretty easy by zooming in, either before searching for the location, or after the search but without touching anything but the zoom in button.


(20 Apr '13, 22:47) KPost

If you're trying to enter data by lat/long, Potlatch 2 probably isn't your best bet. iD probably won't be either, but if you want to try it, the beta is live at That said, I'd like to point out that Potlatch 2 isn't "mainly designed for new users", but rather for people that want a simpler editor.

(22 Apr '13, 15:02) neuhausr

@neuhausr: right, it may well be (I did not do real editing with iD, but up to now I did not find such a function in iD) that also iD does not have (and maybe never get) a coordinate input. Yeees, also not-new users can use Potlatch 2 and yes, I don't know the intentions of the Potlatch 2 programmers. ;-)

(22 Apr '13, 15:17) aseerel4c26 ♦

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